About Erick

Erick Madison is a Marine Corps Veteran, who saw a need to
provide a service to our community while doing all
he could to give back to our community. Our goal is to provide guidance and mentor ship to our middle school though college age students. Erick has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Master’s Degree in Project Management from Strayer University. Education is a key staple in our mentor ship and we aim to help nurture young adults while also giving information about life. Mr. Madison currently works as a civil servant, in contracting and has been since 2017.

About Karron

Understanding the true value of love and support has motivated Karron David, to be a vital part of the non-profit organization. For the past 14+ years Karron has built his career in the US Navy from entering as a Seaman to becoming the Petty Officer 1st Class he is today. He uses his platform to fulfill his mission in uplifting future generations by mentoring them and guiding them towards success.
Obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Excelsior University in 2017. Karron is dedicated to educating our youth about the importance of financial literacy and financial inclusion.

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